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NodeMCU with Amazon Alexa (RoomFreshener)

In this tutorial we are going integrate NodeMCU and make Aroma Oil burner, control by Amazon Alexa. If you own Aroma oil burner with candle, you may understand the system complexity. To make system work you need to burn candle (In which lighting up candle and cleaning after use) inside pot and candle is not controllable, particularly when you need very light aroma full days and stop when you’re not in-side house. That was a reason to bit of smartness to cater my everyday problem. In this tutorial im going to upgrade conventional oil burner to electronics oil burner and add IOT with help of NodeMCU to control and active by Voice command (Thanks to Amazon Alexa and ESP team).
Ingredient you need during this tutorial 1) NodeMCUwith Arduino IDE. 2) Basic Hardware a.Bread board b.Nichrome wire (Heating element) You can buy online or get from non-functional Hair dryer. c.N-Channel MOSFET (TIP142 Or similar) Gate/Base operating/Fire voltage in-line with NodeMCU 3.3 V d.Yellow LED. To generate Candle …

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