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Trigger multiple IFTTT events based on Moisture level.

IOT with nature, this is one of my favorite subject. Connect the Internet of things with nature. In this project, we are making moisture sensor integrated with IFTTT with multiple events triggers. As I said multiple triggers mean, it sends a moisture level at every 30 minutes (editable mode) to google spreadsheet (Trigger 1) and if a moisture level goes below a critical level then sends me an Email (Trigger 2). At any time, you can log in to your Google spreadsheet and check current moisture level and if you miss, then your plant will send you an email at critical condition (below certain Moisture level). In Arduino Code, you can change the email notification counter to make an email notification per day (editable mode).
Basic Feature, 1) Active Power sleep mode to reduce battery consumption. 2) Multiple IFTTT events trigger. 3) EPROM enable counter to send Email notification at 12 hours.          A Moisture sensor updated google spreadsheet at every 30 minutes but you don’t want an email a…

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