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Internet speed test with ESP8266

In world of IOT, it is mandatory to have good internet connection(all the time). Due to limited understanding of the internet technology. we end-up increasing bandwidth of the internet to every internet speed related problems. Did this solve your issues? I think, No. Because internet speed does not always dictate by bandwidth.
There are two terminologies used for good quality of internet, one is Bandwidth and other is latency. Most of the peoples are aware of the bandwidth, but not latency. As per my understanding you need less latency(less) with good bandwidth(higher) for quality experience. This you can compare with your water pipe diameter and length. A diameter of the water pipe is your bandwidth and length of the water pipe is your latency. So, no matter How big is your bandwidth(diameter) but if length(latency) is higher you may face glitches in your connection. It may be specific to site also.
Wiki definition of the bandwidth is, the amount of data that can be transferred from on…

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