Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kinect V2 sensor + Processing 3.0 + window for beginners

Quick start to kinect v2 sensor for the beginners,

kinect v2 sensor works with SDK 2.0, it does not work with older SDK 1.X.

To start with you need,

1) Kinect v2 with external power source.
A kinect V2 sensor does not come with power adapter, source it separately.

2) Window 8/10 computer with kinect SDK v2.0.

3) Dedicated computer with USB 3.0 and window 8 or 10. 
it does not work with USB 2.0.

4) Programming environment visual studio or Processing 3.0 (in this case)

To start with
1) install processing 3.0+ version 
2) SDK 2.0
3) processing library,
   after having hands-on with multiple library, kinect v2 works perfectly with ThomasLengeling library.
Github link

download this library in to the processing library folder located in the my document.

check you computer with kinect first before you star with processing,

You can check your computer compatibility after installing SDK2.0

It should be green in all section.

In my case it shows error with USB controller, 

but works fine with processing, so you can ignore this error.
You can start with examples provided by the Microsoft,

Now you are good to go with processing.

More details from the Microsoft

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bag closer machine - ceal

TCP is a project in which we as an individual designer has to identify the opportunity to re-design/innovate a product to the minute detail of it! 
Its basically learning process which come up with every designer to innovate new product. 
product range for Bag stitching and closing 


Comparison of the products in the category

Market research  

Area of Innovation


 Re-define design Brief

Re-design existing machine with new ergonomics and Aesthetics

New Concept for future Bag closer machine

Quick 2D render

Concept engineering

initial prototype

Form inspiration


Sketch after product engineering

Mock up model

Final product

 Exploded view


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012


      NrityaDhol is a music instrument which combines dance and music experiences of Ghunghroo and Dhol. Ghunghroo is a musical anklet tied to the leg of Indian classical dancers to produce music out of their footwork. Dhol is a drum which sets rhythm of foot tapping in many Indian dances.
NrityaDhol is a musical anklet which translates foot tapping patterns of Indian classical dances into a rhythm of Dhol with the help of motion detection technology. It produces “Dhin” (low frequency bass sound) and “tak“(high frequency treble sound) of Dhol on tapping left and right leg respectively.

for more detail have look on blog:

NrityaDhol has to look like a delicate piece of Art, which can go along with the Indian dancer's outfit. So at initial stage we had different types of anklets. Which dancer can wear at time of performance. Almost all the anklets are made of silver or copper. and they all are hand crafted.
Basic Form exploration with electronics circuits.
CAD modeling to get basic Indian context with copper material. There are 14 stripes of copper, which stitched with material. It gives different form when it gets to bend.

Final Product

Final Video

Friday, July 20, 2012

Concept robots

conceptual robotics.
Marker rendering + Photoshop